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Reinventing The Art of Engineering

Our mission is to provide our clients with one stop shopping which enables projects to move more freely given the ease of in-house communication and coordination.  Atlantic Consulting & Engineering (ACE) provides comprehensive service in all aspects of geotechnical, civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as a fully equipped and certified construction material testing laboratory. For more than 25 years ACE has been providing construction and engineering solutions through proven engineering consulting design and management services.  With our vast hands-on field experience, we devote much of our efforts into the best and most economical design approaches.  Our goal is to produce practical solutions and methods to simplify the process.



For over 30 years, The Quill Group has been conducting subsurface/foundation investigation analysis and design, test borings, pile design, retaining wall systems, dewatering systems, Support of Excavation (SOE) and other geotechnical-related services. Full service engineering includes testing, certifications, load testing, pile analysis, monitoring with our in-house equipment and engineers.  Subsurface investigations save thousands of dollars in design and re-design costs as well as project scheduling errors due to unforseen subterranian issues.


Our library of structural analysis software allows us to effectively model and design your concrete, steel masonry and wood-framed structures to meet all state building code requirements incorporating IBC snd IRC requirements that currently dictate building design standards.  Our engineers are experienced in mid rise design in both steel and concrete, as well as, developing platforms for wood framing typically used on mid-rise residential structures.  Programs like RISA, STAAD, are tools that enable our designers to provide proper design using the most econoimical, yet safe members.  


ACE designs HVAC systems to meet or exceed all of the latest energy code requirements in order to provide an environment that is both comfortable and energy-efficient.  Utilizing the latest computerized heating and cooling load calculation software, we can ensure that your system is sized just right for your needs.  Whether the project is new construction or renovation, Atlantic will work closely with the architect or owner to provide the most practical and aesthetic solution for your home or building.  With in-depth knowledge of all types of cutting-edge HVAC systems, the client will have the ability to choose what system they likes best for the application at hand.  Having years of experience in the design of residential, commercial and institutional buildings, ACE can help with any project that comes your way.


When it comes to plumbing systems design, cost effectiveness is at the top of our list.  ACE takes the time to analyze all domestic water, sanitary waste/vents, storm water and natural gas piping solutions in order to minimize piping and materials.  In addition, high efficiency gas water heaters are always viewed as the first option for domestic water heating applications.  ACE has years of proven experience with residential, commercial and multi-family plumbing system engineering and design.            

Energy Modeling

With green building design and LEED on the rise, energy modeling requirements are becoming standardized for many building project developments and contract document submissions.  ACE houses expert energy modelers that have over 10 years of experience in the field.  Using the latest energy modeling software, such as DOE2’s eQUEST, we can provide a model of your home or building to show that our Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing designs give significant annual electrical and fossil fuel savings compared to the minimum energy code requirements.  Upon completion of the model, a detailed report including all of the necessary filing paperwork will be provided to the client.


Innovation using the NEC guidelines enables us to design the most effective and safe electrical sysems. Our familiarity with all types of power aids in designing new or modifying existing power systems, co-generation facilities, emergency power generation, load shedding, grounding, fire alarm, and lighting systems.  Full service design is undertaken for projects including multi-family residential, manufacturing plants, sports facilities, ice rinks, fuel cell facilities and restaurants among the many we have accomplished over the years.

Fire Protection/Sprinkler Design

ACE has the capacity to produce full shop drawings including pipe sizing, calculations, flow testing and head layout. Varying levels of desgin can be incorporated.  Our experience with NFPA-13 and 13R as well as municipality requirements.  Testing and inspections of FP systems and certification of backflow devices is all part of our complete program.  We employ the latest computerized techniques in fire protection engineering.

Construction Management/Owner's Representation

Avoid costly mistakes by taking advantage of ACE's years of proven expertise in design, bidding, contractor management, scheduling and budgeting.  ACE is familiar with the entire process including scheduling, change orders, RFIs, punchlisting, inspections and whatever else it takes to assist the Owner to success.

Expert Witness/Forensic Engineering

Experience with so many aspects of construction techniques gives us the expertise to deal with the problems that take place during the building process.  Whether it be incorrect design, poor workmanship, faulty materials, or poor preparation, ACE brings a customized approach to each client’s needs.  Investigation from preliminary investigations, design and building parameters, quality assurance to inspecting and verifying contract conformance.  Cases included in our resume include structural framing, faulty equipment and materials, welding, improper preparation of soils for foundations, code violations are all cases that we have concluded.

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